Unlimit: Digitally Unlocking Every Potential Stream Of Growth For Businesses

CIO Vendor Digital transformation has been on the agenda of organizations for years, and 2018-2020 was predicted to be a crucial time for leaders to plan for and implement it across industries. The prediction has been proven accurate. This year, digital transformation has played a major role in economic growth and the country's overall progress. IoT, for one, is the key driver of digital transformation in India.

However, the country has seen very little or no growth in dedicated IoT enablers. Set up by the Reliance Group, Unlimit is the only dedicated IoT business unit in India. Unlimit is driven by a comprehensive understanding of the Indian market and an unprecedented end-to-end IoT offering. Unlimit’s IoT portfolio ranges from managed connectivity to device management and application software to any form of analytics.

In addition, Unlimit has partnered with established IoT stakeholders such as BSNL, Cisco Jasper, PTC, Software AG Cumulocity IoT, and IBM Watson IoT to provide dedicated IoT solutions in the field of Automotive, Industry 4.0, Supply Chain, Data Security and Government projects. This will enable both Indian and multinational organizations to excel their IoT business with an efficient go to market strategy and by scaling business processes with a high-service reliability at low ownership costs.

IoT has the potential to transform businesses and unlock new sources of revenue in unprecedented ways. As Unlimit matures, the company continues to look for ways to expand the ecosystem with top tier partners. The type of partners that Unlimit is looking to collaborate with is companies with specific IoT domain expertise, products and services, and companies that want to explore the various benefits that IoT can deliver to their operations.

“Our mission is to digitally transform the business models of these companies in every conceivable way, unlocking new sources of revenue for them.” says Pradeep Sreedharan, Senior Vice President and CBO, Unlimit. At Unlimit, the company strives to become the leading and most innovative IoT company in India. To digitally transform the customers’ business models and drive value by offering a comprehensive IoT platform from Connectivity to Application Development and Analytics. Unlimit is the end-to-end provider of your all IoT related needs.

Case Analysis and Customer Satisfaction
Unlimit team visited the customer production factory and discussed with respective stakeholders to understand customer requirements. As a next move, the customer team requested to proceed with the Project Phase,
followed by rollout of other systems. For their UV lamp setup on one of the production lines, the customer has proposed to start with Project - Predictive Maintenance System. The customer has a Detergent BAR Production line at their Plant in Gujarat.

They are using their Patented Technology to apply a coating on detergent bar to increase shelf life of detergent bar. To make this coating application accurate & effective UV Lamps are used, which heats the coating portion on the detergent bar but if these lamps are not working properly and fails, then line has to be stopped as coating gets affected and results in rejection of that detergent bar. Also due to stoppage of line it results in productivity loss. To overcome this problem, the customer is looking forward to having failure information in advance so that they can address UV Lamps failure problems proactively and avoid UV Lamps failure during production. This will help the customer achieve certain objectives such as have notification about probable failure of UV lamps in advance, conduct predictive maintenance rather than reactive/preventive maintenance and reduce production loss due to failure of UV Lamps.

Unlimit is driven by a comprehensive understanding of the Indian market and an unprecedented end-to-end IoT offering

Solution approaches were in two phases. The customer supplied historical data to Unlimit, basis on which, Unlimit developed Model & Tested in Dev Environment for response. The results of the Model were presented in Excel to the customer. Following this demo, the customer requested Unlimit to proceed to deploy the Model On-Premises (customer server) & test in a real-time environment. In this Project, Unlimit will use the Model in Real Time Environment to check the performance of Model & tune it further for more accurate predictions.

Using current and temperature data from UV lamps, predict how likely the lamps are to exhibit a failure state in the next 5 hours (or predict the time to failure.) at a frequency min 3 to 4 hrs before failure.

Current and Future Innovative Methods and Services
Unlimit is a system integrator that addresses all the demands of the customers while offering products and services. Supply chain, logistics and Industry 4.0 are the company's backbone and its several success stories come from these sectors. Some of its newer successes have come in the field of Data security and Insurance sector. Unlimit also offers solutions for several major verticals, including Connected Cars, Supply Chain, Industry 4.0, Energy and BFSI.