TMotions: Hand Holding Clients in their Digital Journey

CIO Vendor With the changing market dynamics, digitalization has become imperative for organizations, irrespective of industry verticals. Especially, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it has somewhat made organizations cling to one or the other technology to stay relevant with the market scenario. However, digital transformation for any organization stands incomplete without taking into account the legacy applications transformation. Today, many businesses are still dependent upon legacy applications for their critical business operations, which undoubtedly poses multi-fold risks to the business continuity and sustainability.

Hence, the transformation journey must include all the factors and components which would make it a worthwhile and successful exercise. Legacy application transformation, process optimization, reducing the waste, adaptability to the modernization, sustainability, scalability and a forward-looking approach are they key constituents for an inclusive transformation strategy.

Also, a strategic approach to digital transformation must carefully consider a roadmap for the modernization of legacy applications, in conjunction with process optimization. Businesses today expect vendors to not only offer solutions, but rather handhold them in managing change and offer post-sales support while keeping the cost at minimum.

Headquartered in Mohali, TMotions has been ensuring a seamless digital transformation by adopting an agile and collaborative approach to develop customised industry standard solutions across the digital value chain. Also, they make sure of taking the accountability and responsibility of the complete digital journey of its clients.

Improving operational efficiency with an agile approach
The major USP of the company has been the delivery of quality solutions in the most cost-effective manner. Their project management and development/delivery processes are based on industry best practices and ISO certified procedures. The company’s collaborative approach with ‘Core-Flex’ model gives clients needed flexibility to ensure a systematic transformation, ensuring ROI.
As one size never fits all, our approach and services are different for different customers. We spend a lot of time and effort in understanding the business perspective and analyzing the pain areas and aspirations of key stakeholders.

TMotions’ approach to the transformation has always been flexible and relevant to the individual business objectives. It starts with rearchitecting the systems and reengineering processes to achieve their strategic vision. A well-defined blend of bespoke development and implementation of standard products has always worked well.

Offering Best-in-standard Solutions
“We are Microsoft Gold Partner, wherein, our developers are experts in Microsoft tech stack, Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365. With in-house experts and developers that have experience across various domains, we have always been carrying out best practices and accredited processes in the transformation journey,” highlights Aman Sood, CEO & Founder at TMotions.

TMotions’ team consists of solution architects and technical architects, consultants and advisors, subject matter experts, software engineers and also a very strong PMO

TMotions’ team consists of solution architects and technical architects, consultants and advisors, subject matter experts, software engineers and also a very strong PMO. Furthermore, the team strongly believes in leveraging the potential of open-source technologies to develop bespoke business applications for business process automation, eCommerce, content management and testing frameworks.

Currently, the company has been focusing on improving the overall digital experience by: providing better user experience to the customers. As the company carries out its operations across various domains, they are truly aiding businesses to reap the optimum benefits out of evolving technologies, and simultaneously bringing the digitalization wave to the doorsteps of organizations.