Maxbyte Technologies: Driving The Industrial Transformation Via Intelligent Digital Solutions

CIO Vendor The physical world is transformed into being digitized. With Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT, brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and the people involved at work are coming together like never before. However, the exuberance around deploying such new-age technologies is often subdued with the more pivotal questions. What is the roadmap? Where they should start? How they should start? These are some of the questions that leave forward thinking business owners perplexed.

Coimbatore based Maxbyte Technologies Private Limited is a smart manufacturing solutions provider with Products and Services that enable digital engineering, operations and services to improve productivity, improve quality, reduce cost and help towards ecofriendly environment. This comes as part of Maxbyte’s endeavour to resolve client’s dilemma to lay the stepping stones for a digital transformation. Maxbyte Products and Services provides an end to end digital technology solution ranging from sensors, communication gateways, cloud, SaaS applications and analytics, to help companies undergo their digital transformation journey smooth and successful.

Unlike most digitalization undertakings, Maxbyte goes beyond to enable businesses to achieve intelligence. Maxbyte offers its clients the power to make sense of the data by providing actionable insights for real action that improves their product performance. This in turn introduces more flexibility, productivity, and sustainability in the processes.

An Exceptional Blueprint for a Detailed Transformation
There are primarily 3 major stages in any industrial product life cycle- engineering, manufacturing, and end user consumption. In each of these 3 stages, the most recurrent problem and drawback is the poor visibility. In worst case scenarios where a process in the manufacturing stage comes to a halt due to some technical bottleneck in one of the machines, the unit supervisor should be able to identify where the fault is, his next step of actions and fix it in urgent basis.

However, this is not quite possible due to poor visibility as a result of inadequate or incorrect data he receives. More so, with every department having a HoD it often gets disconnected to communicate in certain scenarios; Industry 4.0 is about connected systems and connected people. The third part of the problem is, as aforementioned, the lack of guidance regarding the entire process of going digital. Maxbyte is aimed to integrate these three segments of the industrial product life cycle, wherein the actionable insights flow in reverse, from the product through production, to engineering.

This brings more and more actionable insights that enable optimization of the product in the market, which will add value to the customer and the enterprise. Maxbyte is able to achieve this through its product called byteFACTORY. byteFACTORY is a SaaS based Intelligent Product Lifecycle Management System. This powerful suite of software connects the engineering, manufacturing, service, and digital teams of businesses in a
whole new way for productivity, flexibility, predictable revenue and sustainability.

To further facilitate business or factory owners to understand the what, why and how of digitalization, Maxbyte brings forth the Industry 4.0 accelerator program. This program is designed to address the support requirements of startups and other newly formed ventures to help them comprehend and deploy digital solutions to embrace the industry 4.0. In this program, Maxbyte makes a roadmap, do a proof of value, and educate & certify the participants about industry 4.0 via alearning program called Factory Science. Following this, as a startup, Maxbyte deploys 10 plus ready use cases as per the roadmap across the various departments of the organization- right from HR to Quality.

Only after a positive response of the deployment, Maxbyte moves ahead and scale up to factory wide or product wide implementation. Once the factory wide shows tangible results, next steps involve multi factory wide or global site implementation. In this four stage process, the startup is able to start small, but scale fast. “We don’t just deploy predictive maintenance and come away. We want to work with them and demonstrate the business value while handholding them throughout their journey”, says Ramshankar CS, CEO, Maxbyte Technologies.

Maxbyte offers its clients the power to make sense of the data by providing actionable insights for real action that improves their product performance

Maxbyte is not for the testimonials. Unlike testimonials, the adoptions really speak volumes of a service provider’s expertise and finesse. In a recent client venture, wherein a reputed air conditioning system manufacturer sought to transform their plan management, Maxbyte’s solutions delivered two major benefits- production monitoring and downtime management. It’s been 3 years, and the client has been a customer of Maxbyte. The company brings in more and more innovations into the pipeline via partnerships with a number of global universities.

These universities leverage the Digital Factory platform of Maxbyte to introduce new solutions. Maxbyte takes a guaranteed approach toward the innovations by first validating it and then commercializing the same. Maxbyte has set a standard in defining the gradual transformation for Industry 4.0 and also helped new comers to adopt the same. With such giant strides in this domain, Maxbyte might just be the next big thing in the Industrial IoT’s picture.