Anomali: Enabling Businesses To Take Control Over Threats With Trusted Technology Aggregator iValue InfoSolutions

CIO Vendor The explosive data growth we are experiencing shows no signs of stopping, as reports show that the size of total worldwide data will grow to 163ZB in next 10 years. With data intelligence taking the centre stage, the cybersecurity domain seeks a new world order in securing businesses against cyber-attacks. Anomali delivers intelligencedriven cybersecurity solutions that enhance threat visibility, automate threat processing & detection, and accelerate threat investigation, response, & remediation. More than 1,500 public and private sector organizations rely on Anomali to see and detect threats more quickly, reduce the risk of security breaches, and improve security operations productivity.

Speaking on the imperative deployment of threat management, the Country Manager for Anomali, Manoj Taskar, says, “Cyber-attacks can strike in seconds, steal data in moments, and remain undiscovered for months. As organizations expand their IT footprints with more systems, data, people and remote connections, they face increasing numbers of critical gaps in their defenses due to threat visibility and telemetry blind spots”. Anomali eliminates these defense gaps by harnessing all available intelligence to accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response. By applying big data analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing, Anomali enables security teams to quickly block and respond to threats before they impact the organization. Result: Customers see and detect threats more quickly, reduce the risk of security breaches, and improve security team productivity.

Redefining Businesses’ Security Positions
The rising complexity of cyber-attacks highlights the need to adopt proactive, threat intelligence-driven approaches to cybersecurity. To secure modern enterprises, security teams must not only respond to threats but also predict and prevent them. Intelligence-led cybersecurity is advancing as organizations not only understand the need to secure their data and infrastructure but also seek the most effective ways of doing it. This is especially true among businesses that seek to continually improve security operations.

The growing volume and complexity of threat intelligence puts forth a compelling case for the adoption of a platform that allows an organization to aggregate, vet, and process threat data. Anomali is strategically positioned to serve this requisite of businesses.

Anomali strengthens organization's security posture by correlating internal threat data with third-party threat feeds. The firm also helps organizations push decisions into other security or management solutions and controls. In a global business environment that lacks widespread availability of cybersecurity professionals, Anomali helps organizations to streamline the intelligence cycle and utilize resources more efficiently and effectively. More so, Anomali’s intelligence-driven security products provide unparalleled threat visibility and accelerated detection, allowing customers to reduce the risk of security breaches and improve security team’s productivity. By providing a single, integrated platform, customers can harnesses the power of threat intelligence to improve threat visibility, detection, and response. Anomali accomplishes the same with three quintessential products- Anomali ThreatStream (TIP), Anomali Match, and Anomali Lens.

Anomali ThreatStream (TIP) aggregates threat intelligence feeds under one platform, providing an integrated set of tools to support fast, efficient investigations, while delivering ‘operationalized’ threat intelligence into security controls at machine speed.

Anomali Match uses all available intelligence and telemetry to deliver comprehensive threat detection at machine speed. User gets faster Mean Time to Detection, reduced cost of security incidents, and more efficient security operations.

Anomali Lens uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automatically scan and identify threat data in any web-based content, reducing the time required to research and understand threats.

Not limiting its endeavors to help businesses over the threat management dilemma, Anomali built a marketplace. The objective was to present unique cybersecurity marketplace offerings that enable instant access to a growing catalog of threat intelligence providers, integration partners, and threat analysis tools. The Anomali Preferred Partner (APP) Store is a unique cybersecurity marketplace built into Anomali ThreatStream that provides easy access to a vast array of specialized threat intelligence and security integrations. The ‘try before you buy’ mode allows customers to evaluate new threat intelligence feeds and tools in their environments, integrate with existing security controls, and purchase through existing Anomali agreements to save time. Marketplace offerings include threat intelligence feeds, threat analysis tools and enrichments, and security system partners.

Excepitional Economic & Threat RoI with Anomali Platform
Anomali increases threat visibility, accelerates time to detection, and improves security operations productivity. In addition to greatly reducing the level of security risk organizations face, Anomali has shown proven ROI.

In the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation Study, some key findings reported that Anomali customers received a return on investment of 233 percent over a payback period of 11 months, along with a 93,000 USD per month savings, earned through improved productivity, avoidance of risk, and value gained.Additionally, ESG’s economic model predicts that when it came to specific cost benefits related to Anomali threat intelligence products and services, customers with security teams of 10 individuals saved as much as 3,369,000 USD during the course of three years, across several areas including:

• Overall Productivity - 58 percent improvement, leading to a savings of 969,000 USD.
• False Positives - 40 percent reduction, leading to a saving of 608,000 USD.
• Integration - 500,000 USD savings via the integration of premium feeds, services, training, and support into a single platform.
• Breach Expenses - 1,292,000 USD in avoided costs due to a reduction in breaches.

Since its inception in 2013, Anomali has provided a better, faster and more simplified way to help organizations achieve the highest possible standard in efficient cybersecurity. Keeping this vision at the horizon, Anomali has consistently strived to hire the best people, worked tirelessly to improve its products, and lent an ear to customers’ demands across industries. With security and risk mitigation continuing their ascent into mainstream business processes, Anomali is experiencing heightened demand for its
threat intelligence product suite. The leadership team at Anomali maneuvers the company to deliver effective products, ensure that the market easily understands how threat intelligence improves security and reduces risk, and streamlines customers’ access to Anomali’s solutions by building a robust direct sales and partner distribution network.

Excelling on World Stage
In a recent assessment of Anomali and 7 of its direct competitors, Frost & Sullivan named Anomali as the winner of its 2020 Frost Radar Innovation Excellence Award for the Global Threat Intelligence Platforms. Within the field, Anomali was positioned on the radar as the clear innovation leader and ranked second in the growth index. In the accompanying report, Frost & Sullivan stated that Anomali owns the highest share of the TIP market (40 percent) and continues to demonstrate substantial year-over-year growth. More than 1,500 public and private sector organizations rely on Anomali to see and detect threats more quickly, reduce the risk of security breaches, and improve security operations productivity. Anomali solutions serve every major industry vertical, including many of the Global 2000.Anomali customers include Morgan Stanley, Air Canada, FirstEnergy, Ubisoft, Bank of Hope, Blackhawk Networks, RAKBANK, Cool County, Illinois, CERTFin, and the State of Oklahoma.

Going the Extra Mile- Educating the Masses about Threat Intelligence
Anomali continually innovates on its solutions and expands its worldclass team. With the onset of the pandemic, Anomali had to find a way to continue with its annual industry conference. Now continuing as a virtual event, the Detect LIVE series remains the cybersecurity industry’s premier threat intelligence gathering.

Detect LIVE is where security executives, practitioners, threat analysts, and researchers from all over the world share their insights and expertise on how they use threat intelligence to improve threat detection and speed response. Participants gain knowledge that empowers them to better manage risk, become more secure, and develop greater resilience.

“Four years ago, we launched Detect to fill a void in the security industry. Before Detect, there was not a venue dedicated to providing security executives and practitioners with a deep understanding of how threat intelligence can be used to defend against the most serious threats we face,” said Hugh Njemanze, CEO, Anomali. “As we’ve seen with other conferences, we’ve had to adjust in response to COVID-19. This year, our virtual format promises to deliver compelling presentations, panels, and interviews that will feature global thought leaders, who will share their insights and vision around cybersecurity strategy and operations.”

iValue InfoSolutions - A Trusted Distributor Of Anomali
An effective way to safeguard today’s digital business against ever evolving and sophisticated cyber threats, is to continuously acquire latest intelligence and abilities of the dark world – their Tools, Techniques and Procedures, and appropriately build operational intelligence to augment cyber defense capability of the enterprise.

Threat intelligence industry has been quite fragmented for a long, with feeds from commercial organizations, open source, security groups or ISAACs, CERTs and Industry regulators, thus makes it extremely difficult for the incident responders and the cyber analysts of the enterprise to extract meaningful and real-time use of this disparate data.

Anomali has architected a consolidated platform to converge all these threat feeds and build a unified threat intel with single pane of glass to extract actionable and smart data out of Big data. Anomali’s automated platform has the ability to ingest, consolidate , normalize and Analyze data from different sources to build a common repository of “Indicators Of Compromise”, which enables the cyber security operation’s team of an enterprise to be far more productive.

iValue has been a key player in designing, building and operating cyber security operation centers for customers. iValue’s sign-up with Anomali is a step forward in helping customer’s transition to next generation cyber defense centers by empowering their cyber operation team’s to have access to contextual, real-time and actionable data to safeguard against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

Success Stories Are Best Told Through The Beneficiaries. Following Are Some Of The Comments From Prominent Clients Of Anomali
“As one of the prominent banks in the United Arab Emirates, we manage assets and transactions for thousands of customers. One of our main commitments to our customers is security and we achieve this through solid partnerships with industry experts such as Anomali. They are going to provide intelligent-driven cybersecurity measures and will do everything possible to avoid disruptions that cyberattacks can cause,” said K.S. Ramakrishnan, Chief Risk Officer, RAKBANK. “By bringing in industry experts, we expect to gain advanced levels of security that will help us to further heighten our defenses and intercept any possible exploitation by cybercriminals.”

“All public organizations are targeted by nefarious actors with extreme frequency, Oklahoma is no exception. Since the beginning of the current global health crisis, we’ve experienced a spike in related attacks,” said Matt Singleton, State CISO, Oklahoma OMES. “Anomali will show us who the attackers are, when they are coming after us, and provide context needed to prioritize and speed our response to the most serious threats we face.”

“The financial services industry continues to be among the most targeted in the world, with cybercriminals always attempting to make inroads directly through banks’ networks or by going after consumers directly,” said, Romano Stasi, Managing Director, CERTFin. “Anomali has proven its ability to deliver on the promise of advanced threat intelligence, which supports us in helping our users to remain secure and better prepared. By adding them to our lab environment, we are confident that defensive capabilities will strengthen for all involved.”