MindTraits Innovations: Catalyzing the Digital Transformation of Businesses

CIO Vendor Digital transformation is increasingly becoming one of the major priorities for businesses looking to revamp their operational procedures. There is an increasing demand for automation which is being driven by adoption of digital technologies. In India, we are seeing more and more enterprises as well as government organizations investing heavily in digital technologies to align their offerings with the expectations of today’s customer, especially the mobile users. However, digital transformation cannot be achieved only by implementing several digital technologies unless there is an integration of the technologies across core functions of the organization. This is because Enterprise Data Integration is the backbone of Digital Transformation and driving business transformation involves integrating tech-savvy solutions around the core functions of any organization around HR, Finance, Supply Chain, Operations etc. tailored to a client's requirements.

MindTraits Innovations, headquartered in Bangalore, offers end-to-end digital transformation service which is modular and can be prioritized based on company’s overall strategy and budget. “Since our inception in 2012, we have been focusing on solving practical business problems, helping MSMEs and large corporates unify their business with inbuilt digital intelligence capabilities across all their core business functions. Leveraging web and mobile based digital tools and agile methodologies, we have been the catalyst of choice for more than 25 enterprises worldwide to help them become a digital business in real sense,” says Anshuman Singh, Director, MindTraits.

Agile methodology and mobile-first strategy
With its expertise, the company has helped multiple enterprises covering travel, retail, health, utility, classifieds, media, and finance domains, turning them into digital businesses. Using agile methodology, MindTraits has built customized technology platforms with mobile-first strategy. Considering the speed at which IoT devices are finding their application in varied areas from household to agriculture, MindTraits has an internal team of experts with global business implementation experience, helping
their clients develop tailored DT solutions with the ability to capture actionable data.

“Using new technologies in Mobility, Drone Analytics, IoT (sensors and voice assistants), we help enterprises convert dumb data into smart information using big data analysis. This results in generating predictive intelligence for the different functions of the organization, which is not possible otherwise. As a result, the management need not bother about capturing data using manual means and then spending their valuable energy and time digitizing and analyzing it.

Leveraging web and mobile based digital tools and agile methodologies, we have been the catalyst of choice for more than 25 enterprises worldwide to help them become a digital business in real sense

Our integrated tech platform helps automate all these functions through connected field app and manager's dashboard, thereby resulting in operational efficiency for the enterprise at all levels,” explains Anshuman.

Build, Operate, and Transfer
MindTraits follows the Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model in Software Outsourcing on time and material basis to develop and implement Scalable, Secure, and Simple solutions. “We believe we are the experts in this arena. We attribute our success to our trained and experienced team, our focus on building long-term relationship based on trust and quality service delivery, our experience of comparing and choosing the best digital technologies available in the market meeting our client's need and budget expectations, lastly to our client engagement through multiple touch-points throughout the development phase,” adds Anshuman.

Moving forward, MindTraits is now looking to establish strategic partnerships for digital transformation in domains like Finance, Travel, Health and Agriculture to fuel its next level of growth.