DigiTOP: Accelerating Enterprise Wide Digital Transformation with Simplistic and Pragmatic Approach

CIO Vendor Digital Transformation in recent years has brought new disruptive changes to the economy and organizations need to fundamentally change employees’ mindset, the way they do business and also restructure their business to keep up with the pace. However, success in these transformations is proving to be elusive with the lack of overall digitization strategy, organizational structure and lack of expertise to lead digitization initiatives. Furthermore, industrial 4.0 revolution has created new roles - Analyst, Solution Architect, Developers, Transformation project managers and many more; the technologies are rapidly evolving, but the workers capable of using them are scarce.

Rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve improvements and make the process fit for technology is the critical path for enterprises in their transformation journey. Befitting the role of a trusted business partner in enterprises’ journey towards Digital Transformation by upskilling Humanware, harmonizing Processes and implementing cutting edge Technologies, DigiTop based in Bangalore has been focusing on Internal Customer Experience by helping transform internal process through process digitization, worker enablement and performance enhancement. “Our team with 100+ years of combined experience believes that, unless we align the above three pillars of people, process and technology, most transformation agenda get derailed; therefore, we have built an integrated framework around these three levers which strongly becomes our core differentiator,” says Nitin Suvarna, Co-Founder and CEO at DigiTOP.

Moreover, DigiTOP’s ERA methodology also ensures variations to be minimal, and an optimal process is defined and delivered along with blueprint of automation, further improving key performance indicators like its DSO, Billing Accuracy and Customer Experience.

Building Automation Enabled Process with a Robust
Transformation Framework - ERA (Eradicate, Regulate and Automate)
Not looking at automation as just an add-on, DigiTop’s objective is to aid organizations in building fully automated process. Their offerings are integrated to ensure that Digital Technology is not just adopted as a standalone solution but it also sees to it that the underlying process is fit for technology and is managed by a workforce which is future ready. They bring a suite of new technology from Machine Learning based automation platform to new age Document Management and Collaboration platform to AI based talent selection tools which can be used according to the specific requirement of clients. Also, with practitioner’s expertise which helps in serving their partners in a better manner, it further enables solutions in directly impacting business outcome.

Our team with 100+ years of combined experience believes that, unless we align the three pillars of people, process and technology, most transformation agenda get derailed

“Our stated offering includes - Digital skilling to upskill Humanware, Reengineer Process fit for technology deployment using our transformation framework - ERA, and to top it all, we deliver the whole nine yard of technology deployment which will include helping client pick the best in breed technology, COE creations, assessment of automation opportunity, development and deployment etc,” adds Nitin Suvarna.

Capability Build Academy
DigiTop Capability build offerings for fresher and experienced resources are tailored to ready Talent for Jobs of the future. Towards this they have built capacity and capability of infrastructure to train 1000+ freshers every year and have tie ups with various partners to deliver niche skills in mobility, digital transformation, interactive technology along with Domain & core competencies. “Our aim is to create a new paradigm of learning which includes interconnected competencies, project based experience and immersive learning,” concludes Nitin Suvarna.