NLB Services: Digital Transformation For Futuristic Supply & Service Value Chains

CIO Vendor Digitalization is influencing every aspect of business today, with the aim of fulfilling evolving consumer needs. Customers are no longer simply buying a product or service, but are instead looking for a fulfilling experience, making it all the more imperative for businesses to gain complete understanding of their preferences, so as to create personalized experiences and propel positive brand sentiment.

Organizations are thus making changes in their business models, harnessing the power of Digital - comprising of advancing technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), cloud, mobility, robotics, and big data analytics. The rapid growth of such technologies has led to a generation of multiple heterogeneous data streams, contributing to copious amounts of data. Majority of the businesses today are focused on merely capturing and storing this data without realizing the true business potential it brings to the table. Sans a business data strategy and a data management approach, not only does the time taken to deliver insights get prolonged, but there are also chances of the derived insights being incorrect or misleading.

Our deep understanding of the supply chain and customer value chain process enables us to streamline the data and the technology, which ultimately becomes the backbone of our customers’ digital strategy

Digital Transformation is about driving business outcomes, and involves how data will be used smartly by organizations and consumers for better efficiency and efficacy. Businesses are on the lookout for a Digital Transformation solution provider that possesses the ability to drive real business outcomes and not just an implementer of technology.

Fitting the bill is NLB Services, which holds a leadership position in this domain with strong focus on supply chain and customer valuechain optimization. “Our unique framework and expertise transform the end-to-end digital presence and experience of our customers. Our deep understanding of the supply chain and Services value-chain enables us to streamline the data and technology, which ultimately forms the backbone of our customers’ digital strategy,” explains Amit Gautam, Chief Solutions Officer at NLB.

Bringing Digital to Life
The five solution studios at NLB collectively drive better Customer Experience that further translates into higher revenue and margin. NLB delivers business value, creating future ready enterprises. The first is the Digital Infrastructure Studio that acts as the foundation of a solid technology base comprising of Cloud, Internet of Things, API/ Micro-Services and so on. The power of the cloud forming the backbone powers sophisticated analytics, blockchain and other such technologies, enabling enterprises deliver personalized intelligent experiences to customers. Across almost all industries, the cloud has moved from being a competitive advantage to competitive parity. Enterprises can increasingly consume IT without the constraints of having to build and maintain its underlying infrastructure. Cloud is embedded into the enterprise fabric today.

Our customized programs help kick-start the IoT journey and cater to unique needs of connecting users, products or infrastructure, resulting in accelerated time-to-market and cost savings. An integral part of this studio is also the Digital Security Services that is leveraged to assure the elimination of any threats and potential exploits. Considering the various vulnerabilities and threats encountered in this ecosystem, it is of essence to ensure a real-time threat prevention strategy that combats both internal and external threats. Keeping this in mind, the company’s Digital Security Services offering has been designed and developed as an AI & MLbased End Point and Network threat monitoring platform in real-time. Unlike regular limit and trend-based monitoring, AI-based monitoring detects unsupervised anomalies and works as a proactive advisor to the Security team.

Unleash the true potential of data
Translating the burgeoning influx of data into meaningful, actionable business insights driving decision making is key to building intelligent enterprises of tomorrow. The Data & Analytics Studio at NLB, enables building a more reliable data foundation using our Data Governance offerings. “While the end goal is to deliver business value by finding relevant signals in the data, the most critical component is to create a robust data pipeline so that you can build trust in your data. Without proper data governance, analytics shall not be reliable,” adds Amit.
Once this is achieved, NLB leverages its analytical studio to apply Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and other mathematical modelling techniques to deliver actionable business insights. Statistical modelling is not new, it is the evolution of computing power that has helped us ingest more variables and improve the models predictability. Also, in the old epoch, our lives (and our data) were not intertwined in social networks; our actions were recorded purely as our own, with no influence of, and not influencing, others in our network. This is certainly not true anymore – what we post online is liked and commented by people within our friends & family (FF) network; this is then picked up people in the networks of our F-F and shared to their networks, thus expanding our social footprint and interconnectedness. This is the “social network graph” which expands exponentially, creating explosive volumes of data. In order to extract valuable nuggets of insights from such networks we have expanded the analytics discourse from pure statistical modelling to machine learning, ensemble modelling, graphical models, and deep learning.

As part of NLB’s Product Strategy, The Data & Analytics studio includes CAIA – NLB’s Conversational AI Assistant product, which leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to assist businesses in finding the required real-time information via chat or voice. This tool significantly enhances business’s ability to be selfservice and derive maximum value out of their data.

Ensuring Customer-centricity
Better Customer Experience (CX) is going to be the single biggest driver for the existence and evolution of a business. CX is not only about creating better designed Apps, but also in ensuring a seamless experience for customers in every way they interact with one’s brand.

NLB’s Digital Applications Studio aims to optimize every aspect of an organization’s business to become a CX-first company. This includes App Development as well as a UI/UX layer. This comes in handy when one has found information in the data, and one needs to create a viable platform to render this information to one’s customers and their customers.

The fourth is our Digital Marketing Studio: where we are focused on creating the right mindshare with existing and potential customers by providing the right information on the brand at the right time via the right channel. It is about building intelligence systems to create one’s customers’ persona, anticipate needs, and understand their sentiments.

And finally we have the Process Studio, where NLB delivers business value by process analysis, execution excellence and cost optimization.

“We do not start our journey with technology. We begin with an industry-specific understanding of the supply chain/value chain and then drill down to data, deliberating over how to best use the data across the value chain, and the technologies best suited in that particular scenario. It’s the business value that we are focused on” informs Amit.

“Our ability to understand the context of our clients, accelerate value realization by applying our digital and process expertise has helped us create significant mindshare. We are always looking to apply what technology has to offer to solve a business problem”

With market presence across 12 global locations, NLB has catered to a large base of renowned businesses from different industries such as Telecom & Technology, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare &Life Sciences, and Retail &Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), delivering significant results in their supply and service value-chain optimization. “Our ability to understand the context of our clients, accelerate value realization by applying our digital and process expertise has helped us create significant mindshare. We are always looking to apply what technology has to offer to solve a business problem,” says Sachin Alug, Founder and CEO of NLB Services.

Gearing Up for the Future
As the company continues to remain ahead of the curve, Sachin predicts IoT and Blockchain as two key technologies that will create significant opportunity and value for several industries. He believes it is essential for the logistics and transportation sector to have real-time traceability on the load and fleet to drive better pricing, customer experience, and network optimization which is where IoT solutions can be of great significance. Also, Vertical Supply Chain traceability is crucial for industries like Food & Beverage (F&B) as well as process-intensive industries, wherein blockchain can drive significant benefit to have end-to-end traceability of components and ingredients in a much more reliable fashion. NLB already has an IoT platform, and is currently experimenting with blockchain solutions for some of its clients.