Trident Techno Minds: Assuring Improved Business Performance

CIO Vendor In today’s day and age, enterprises need to adopt a strategic move in their overall approach to improve the existing business if they desire to digitally transform. Enterprises are continually struggling to remain relevant in their own industry verticals and create a modern operations environment by adapting to the new waves of technologies. Enterprises need to maintain a balance between reliability and agility to ensure customer experience, uptime, optimized performance, security and compliance. Whether it is resourcing availability, mismatched technology, lack of mutual understanding, or resistance to change from within the organisation, the barriers to achieving the set business goals in the digital economy continue to hold their ground.

Breaking down these barriers is Pondicherry headquartered Trident Techno Minds that ceaselessly works towards enabling digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by successfully delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of emerging technologies: Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Mobility, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and the likes. “Enterprises and organisations who have partnered so far with Trident have successfully transformed as per the needs of the digital era which has now resulted in increased business and minimised costs for them,” informs Deepak Girija Nandakumaran, MD and CEO at Trident Techno Minds.

Assuring high levels of customer satisfaction, the company offers transformational solutions to domestic as well as international clients. The solutions are deployed by a team of technically adept professionals. The company’s specialities lie in application web development, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, mobile application development, application maintenance and support, and software testing.
With businesses struggling to adopt the right cloud strategy with a complete knowledge deficiency on how to go about the migration process, the team at Trident provides the necessary technology guidance in the cloud platform for the digital transformation of enterprises. The team possesses deep expertise in designing and implementation of cloud architectures, Unified Communications (UC) solutions, and data center set up. “We help enterprises create an optimized environment wherein they can store their critical data in the private cloud and the lesser critical data in the public cloud,” reveals Deepak.

The company’s specialities lie in application web development, big data analytics, cloud computing, digital marketing, mobile application development, application maintenance and support and software testing

Leveraging Data Analytics for Better Decision Making
Another core segment the company’s competency lies in is the area of Big Data Analytics including but not limited to Apache Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Cloudera and Hortonwork environments extended to customers with a broad spectrum of options. Deepak adds, “Trident always tries to integrate data analytics in the applications that we develop for our clients. This provides our clients with an additional benefit of competitive analysis and better understanding of customer patterns.” Putting Pondicherry on the map, Trident is gearing up to expand its services across various sectors while staying abreast of trending technologies that can be infused into its comprehensive suite of solutions.