Techved: Shaping the Digital Future of Businesses with Innovative UX/UI Design Solutions

CIO Vendor Rocketing use of digital products, shifting modes of interaction and interconnectivity of mobile phones have given us a heads up on how the future is going to be like. Most brands will concentrate on digital interactions to grant physical comfort and experience. There wouldn’t be any demarcation in the physical and digital world as the word ‘Digital’ won’t be referred separately because we will be surrounded by a world where everything will be managed digitally and IOT will find its way in making the interconnectivity of tools, things and people seamless.

With the growing importance of customer experience, the significance of user experience in designing is evident. Mumbai headquartered Techved believes in fulfilling the user’s needs and providing a satisfying feel as websites today have become rich in terms of features and relatively more complex. The brand strives to enhance the individual’s experience to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the audience. “We focus on principles like Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Information/ Visual design to create wonderful Interfaces and consider elements of UX while designing,” says Mohar V, Co-founder & Business Evangelist, TECHVED, who firmly believes that User experience should be prioritized. Led by Mohar, the User Experience Design and Development consultancy embraces research and design by innovative ideation and creation of usable interactions. The company delivers world-class quality solutions for a broad spectrum of interfaces like websites, communication devices, intranets and products.

Mohar shares with us an example wherein TECHVED collaborated with one of the most reliable financial institutions in the country to create a seamless experience and provide an intuitive interface. The company’s focus was to match their brand vision of being the most trusted and preferred financial service provider. Along with that, the financial institution came up with a notion that the bank account opening should be made easy for customers of all the strata of the society. “With a utilitarian and human-centered design and approach, we managed to break new grounds by providing a platform to open bank accounts using their online identity.
The app that we designed turned out to be a one-stop app for all the banking needs which resulted in skyrocketing of app downloads,” adds Mohar.

We focus on principles like Information Architecture, Interaction Design, and Information/ Visual design to create wonderful Interfaces and consider elements of UX while designing

After accomplishing great level of success and recognition, the company is currently not only working on a wide range of domestic but also huge international projects across various industry verticals. Their brainchild TAD is all set to take the company a notch higher. TAD, is an online institute that aims to provide quality and professional training for career prospects that would thrive in the long run. TAD now will be an umbrella for Technical Certified courses which will cover AI, IoT &Block Chain along with UX. This will help individuals up skill their abilities to the fullest. The mission through TAD is to take education to masses where the creativity of individuals can be honed. The core value of TECHVED’S leadership team incorporates high quality, ownership, timely delivery, and out of the box thinking.

Corporate giants across various domains like FMCG, BFSI, Healthcare, IT and many more not only trust but also vouch for TECHVED for creating digitally diverse experiences. The company regularly hosts UXploration, a one-of-its-kind UX event that brings together all design enthusiasts and UX professionals as a community. “We strive to shape the digital future of businesses with cutting edge technology to innovate and re-imagine the future of doing business. With over a decade of experience in UX Design, we aim to bridge the gap between Technology and UX Innovations, and continue to create digitally diverse experiences,” concludes Mohar.