Rakiura Technologies: Delivering Innovative Digital Solutions with Client-First Approach

In a recent survey of more than 4800 executives and managers, 76 percent of respondents said that digital technologies are critically important to their organizations’ success and to survive in an increasingly digital economy, it is necessary for organizations to embrace digital technology. While most solution providers provide only digital solutions using latest technologies, organizations are looking for solution providers who would provide latest digital technology solutions with client-first approach. Bangalore headquartered Rakiura Technologies caters to this need by delivering innovative digital solutions with its team of industrial experts and technical consultants.

Rakiura understands the high technology industry and its pressing challenges including rising customer expectations. By investing in people and resources, the company brings new ideas and innovations to help the clients succeed in a changing business environment. “ Our commitment is to digitally transform the industry and to help each company run its business better and drive the growth of economy. We have embedded the client first approach in the Rakiura culture as we firmly believe that our success is measured by our clients’ success and have been an established company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction,” says Rakesh Kumar, Founder and CEO, Rakiura Technologies.

World-Class SAP Implementation and Support Services
Rakiura delivers SAP deployment solution with agile methodology for businesses that run their processes on SAP as core solution. Rakiura offers SAP implementation and support services provider driven by domain expertise.

Innovation through Enterprise Mobility
Rakiura delivers services to securely access and manage enterprise mobile devices and app stores that reduce the risk and complexity of managing BYOD (bring your own device) and corporate mobile devices using flexible delivery models such as on premise and cloud.
The Mobility services solutions of the company is designed to set the mobile strategy, re-imagine the interaction between the customers and the business, seamlessly integrate mobile into the traditional workplace and manage the mobile environment in an optimized and secure way.

Machine Learning for Achieving Business Insights and Customer Understanding
Most of the leading organizations in almost all industries are embracing advanced analytics as they start to realize the vast opportunities and impact it can bring for solving complex business problems using Machine Learning. Rakiura goes beyond Business Intelligence by using Machine Learning to help its clients achieve business insights and customer understanding. Their data scientists work with Subject Matter Experts and use ML algorithms to create predictive models by potentially identifying new revenue channels, providing cost savings, retaining customers/employees, and optimizing business processes. Rakiura’s innovating Deep Learning software enables machine factories and robotic integrators to apply robots for new sectors like warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, horticulture, and agriculture.

Enterprise and Business Website Experts
One of the biggest mistakes new enterprises commit during the transition period is ignoring the power of websites. Websites play a vital role when it comes to digital transformation. Rakiura’s design innovation experience has culminated into the perfect blend of technology and design for its web solutions. The company offers organization specific, customized business solutions that address the website, intranet, and extranet development requirements. The company offers world-class services to enterprises and has office locations across the globe.