Ospyn Technologies: Transfroming Business Operations With Digitalization

CIO Vendor Digital Transformation today has evolved as a holistic approach to modernize the complete IT ecosystem, processes and operational strategies of organizations, to help them stay competitive, customer-centric and become more efficient than their counterparts. Being predominantly driven by the changing customer preferences, proliferation of mobile and IoT devices, and the rising adoption of Cloud platforms today, Digital Transformation, overall, represents a means to revolutionize the way organizations work and interact with their consumers and align them with the new digital age. Moreover, the transition from the traditional brick and mortar model of business to a click and mortar model has further fueled this movement, bringing a paradigm shift in the way businesses function across the verticals of banking, non-banking financial institutions, insurance, automobile, and telecommunications industries, and citizen services. However, even with these various developments, many industries are yet to embrace digitalization on a large scale with 85 percent of digital transformation strategies failing due to lack of focus and pace, concerns of security, data protection, and the lack of digital expertise. Furthermore, organizations are also hindered by budget constraints, the existence of overly complex and rigid legacy infrastructures, the absence of visibility and the lack of buy-in from leadership to prioritize digital initiatives, which together prevent them from building a culture of experimentation and innovation. Perfectly understanding these challenges and endeavoring to address them, Trivandrum headquartered Ospyn Technologies Pvt. Ltd. steps forward as a Digital Transformation partner, to help organizations digitize and accelerate their complete operations and gain increased business agility, visibility, and profitability.

Since its inception in 2009, Ospyn Technologies, an independent software vendor, has been focused on offering a Digital Enablement and Experience Platform (DEEP), to digitize the entire operations of enterprises. With an objective to aid all businesses that are tethered to paper-based operations and processes, Ospyn takes on the role of a digital transformation partner to offer support in three major areas – Management Consulting for Digital Transformation, Process Consulting and Digital Transformation Platform Implementation, where the company focuses on providing the right digital approaches and software solutions to digitize traditional process flows. “Embarking on a digital platform allows the end users and stakeholders to work across new business models, acquire real-time visibility into operations as well as the ability to provide faster service delivery and enhanced customer support,” opines Prasadu Varghese, Managing Director and CEO, Ospyn Technologies. “At Ospyn, we assist in the cultural transformation of our clients by offering expert level guidance and domain expertise for their transformation journey. Our team is not only involved in identifying the operations that require process re-engineering but also provides solutions to optimize these processes and the information management requirements of our clients,” he goes on to add.

Ospyn thus builds solutions by adopting a “Build fast, less code, no code” method of product development, where software is built with minimum code-level changes on a configuration level and minimum customization needs, to ensure faster delivery to customers. The products developed with this approach can thus be customized to fit the specific requirements of any enterprise, in a faster and highly economic manner. These solutions are also designed to be highly scalable and flexible with integration features for automating various business processes.

In addition to solution architecture, Ospyn also equips its clients with business process re-engineering to replace lengthy traditional workflows with smarter processes without compromising on security and confidentiality. The company also offers extensive hand-holding and support to assist its customers in their transition from manual and paper-based processes into an automated environment, leading to people transformation as well. “Training the users in an encouraging way and educating them on positive grounds helps our customers to make the transition at ease,” adds Prasadu. Moreover, Ospyn’s solutions are offered as both on-premise solutions for bigger organizations, where the solutions are implemented with user licenses as well as SaaS solutions for smaller organizations, with monthly charges to replace the total upfront cost.
Digitizing every customer touch-point
With an objective to help organizations transform their complete internal processes into truly digitized operations, Ospyn developed DEEP, a Cloud-based Digital Enablement Experience Platform, to automate processes connecting structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents and data. With personalized, accessible and easy-to-understand features as well as specific modules to digitize the paper-based processes of any enterprise, DEEP offers digitization capabilities for data types such as paper documents, web-forms, emails, and social data. These data forms are digitized, processed and mapped effectively with the structured data available within enterprise systems and the resultant data is analyzed to deliver insights for more informed decision making. Furthermore, DEEP also encompasses the ability to combine Intelligent Information Management with Enterprise Content Management. With in-built Machine learning capabilities, recommendation engines and process automation, DEEP provides the required degree of automation to build digitized business processes and derive enhanced end results for a better customer experience. The platform is also built on open source technologies thereby reducing the total cost of ownership for customers. When it comes to enhancing customer experiences, DEEP provides end-customers and employees a nextgeneration, digital touch point to optimize communications within the enterprise. The platform’s customer experience layer allows all users to carry out business transactions at their convenience from anywhere, on any device and anytime using mobile or web applications. The application portal developed based on the platform’s user experience also helps organizations in retaining their customers and building brand loyalty. With excellent analytics to help customers understand the efficiency of processes and customer service levels, DEEP is designed with functionalities that can be leveraged in every industry and sector, including Banking, Automobiles, Non-banking finances, Universities, Transportation and Government Departments.

At Ospyn, we assist in the cultural transformation of our clients BY offering expert level guidance and domain expertise for their transformation journey

Digitizing enterprise operations
Every organization deals with two kinds of operations, namely, transaction oriented process and document centric activities. Banking institutions use core banking applications to process their transactions and manufacturing firms depend on ERPs to optimize their operations. While helping an organization in the digital transformation journey, it is extremely important to connect transaction management solutions and process management solutions for informed decision making. Ospyn's DEEP platform brings together both these transactional processes and business processes through workflow automation to deliver a seamless experience to the customers. Ospyn has delivered transaction solutions like account opening solutions for banking industry, procure to pay solutions to manufacturing firms, institution management solution to universities, colleges and schools, human resource management solution to address challenges from on-boarding till off boarding activities. Ospyn's process management solutions like loan and security processing for NBFCs and file flow processing for e-governance are specifically configured to address the business process challenges of the organization.

Expanding into new territories
Having offered its Digital Transformation services across a wide range of industry verticals for almost a decade, Ospyn Technologies has gained extensive expertise in this technology segment. With a team of highly experienced leaders and technical architects, the company has carved a niche for itself in its ability to deliver deep insights on technology usage and strong project execution strategies. Leveraging this position, the company is currently engaged in multiple projects in the banking, insurance and automobile sectors along with file-flow projects across India for various e-governance solutions. Ospyn also envisions expanding into the Middle East, where the company intends to set up a strong client base this year. Moreover, as a part of its five-year strategy, the company plans to acquire major clients from the European and American markets. “We have already entered into strong regional partnerships with System Integrators and Data Centre Service Providers in order to fast track our entry into these markets, regions and domains,” signs off Prasadu.