Cuberoot: Data-Driven Marketing with Data Management Platform

CIO Vendor India is at the cusp of a data led revolution wherein a lot of base awareness is already present and gradually a whole-hearted adoption is taking place in certain sectors like technology, media, BFSI, etc. Few companies continue to follow the traditional approach, but few are also increasingly integrating this mega trend to unleash their marketing potential. Senior Indian CXOs are realizing that the data that their respective enterprise possess and generates every day, holds more value than ever before especially when it comes to their marketing function. The intent has turned to set audience profile led data-driven marketing at the core of marketing funnel.

Channelizing data-driven marketing, Gurugram based indigenous Data Management Platform (DMP), Cuberoot, helps build a refined and unified sense of existing data merged with intelligence derived from the third party data. Cuberoot ingests data from multiple sources (website, apps, CRM, iOT, online databases etc.), enriches the same with available additional data points, segments them into actionable micro audience buckets and makes them available for effective online advertising or content targeting.

It provides core features like 'single customer view' enhanced with 3rd party intelligence, Omni-channel platform mapping and the ability to integrate existing marketing channels for insights visualization, attribution and channel performance comparison. Apart from the elementary benefits, Cuberoot is distinguished from other DMPs as it offers a complete suite. Under service led approach, it offers various solutions on different subscription based packages. And under product led model, it offers 'private deployment' of services at client's premises, a possibility not typically offered by others in the Indian market.
Leveraging Data With Data Management Platform
Instead of smaller data sets, marketers now have a goldmine of information at their disposal, being offered by data streams running into terabytes and petabytes. Armed with these insights, today's marketers can take informed decisions to bring impact on their overall businesses. The Cuberoot DMP helps to create relevant audience profiles by deploying its data management techniques to amalgamate proprietary client data and its own strongly mapped audiences. By clubbing these sharply defined audience profiles with the Real Time Bidding (RTB) advertising platforms, Cuberoot enables brands reach out to their potentially true customers on digital platforms. This further helps minimizing placement based advertising wastage that is currently rampant in the industry.

The Cuberoot DMP helps to create relevant audience profiles by deploying its data management techniques

Moreover, through dynamic personalization combined with advanced techniques like segmentation, collaborative filtering, user modeling and profiling, and other machine learning methods, the unnecessary and redundant information delivered to visitors is eliminated and presents the users with the next logical step in the buying journey.

Private Deployment - Bringing DMP In-House
Working with third parties (including non-local DMPs) and absence of rigid data security laws in the country makes some clients skeptical about their data security. Cuberoot, familiar with this drawback, helps clients leverage the services of a DMP with the option of private deployment (in-house DMP) in a highly-secured IT environment, enabling brands to maintain data protection and security within their secure premises.